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Step into a world where your outdoor space isn't just part of your property, but a reflection of your dreams and who you are. At NexaNature, we're more than landscapers; we're dream weavers for the modern world. Imagine a place where nature meets creativity, where every leaf and stone tells a story. No matter your vision, we have the passion and expertise to make it a reality. Transform your concept of outdoor living and let us bring your dream garden to life.

Wood Rock infusion


Macrocarpa Wooden Seat with Garden Features

Nestled within a tranquil corner of the garden, this bespoke seating area is crafted from robust Macrocarpa wood, promising both durability and a natural aesthetic. Surrounding the seat, a meticulously arranged river rock bordering introduces a serene, flowing ambiance, reminiscent of a gentle stream. Adjacent to this peaceful retreat is a thriving vegetable garden, offering a bounty of fresh produce, inviting moments of gardening joy. The scene is completed with a traditional pizza oven and a sturdy schist table, creating an ideal setting for outdoor culinary experiences and social gatherings under the sky.


Illuminated Backyard with NZ Natives

This enchanting backyard transformation is highlighted by a curated selection of New Zealand native plants, creating a lush, verdant haven that pays homage to the country's rich biodiversity. As night falls, the garden comes alive with strategically placed outdoor lighting, casting a warm, inviting glow that accentuates the intricate textures and forms of the native flora. This nocturnal landscape offers a unique, immersive experience, inviting one to explore the tranquil beauty of nature under the cover of darkness.

Outdoor Lighting
Alpine rock feature


Alpine Feature Rock Entrance

Commanding attention at the forefront of a residence, this Alpine feature rock stands as a testament to the rugged beauty of natural landscapes. Carefully selected for its striking appearance and imposing size, the rock adds a distinctive touch of majesty and timelessness to the home's entrance. It serves not only as a captivating visual focal point but also as a symbol of strength and stability, welcoming visitors with its unmistakable presence and the inherent beauty of the natural world.


Wanaka Schist Pavers and Wooden Walkway

Leading gracefully from a wooden walkway, this path of natural Wanaka schist pavers offers a seamless transition into the heart of the garden. Each paver, with its unique texture and hue, tells a story of the ancient landscapes of Wanaka, bringing a piece of New Zealand's geological heritage into the design. The path not only guides visitors through the garden but also creates a tactile and visual experience, encouraging a slower pace to admire the surrounding beauty meticulously crafted by nature and enhanced by thoughtful landscaping.

Wanaka Schist pavers
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